Paper swap

3 years ago, Herbert Baglione proposed me to swap drawings. I was very honored that this great artist asked me something like that. So here is what I sent him all the way to brasil. In april this year, finally, I not only recieved his drawing which is tight and he also kindly sent me his book published by upperplayground. It was definitly worth waiting.



With Gregory Papin, we puplished this very handfull book about our ever changing corporate work world.


The happy Sixpack family t-shirt, found on some very trendy japanese street shopping blog. Probably one of my favorite I did for this brand.

Satanic loto

My friend Bus asked me a while ago to work for Gamble skateboards. As for a scratch lottery ticket, you blindly buy a board and nervously discover the design by scratching the silver coat. If you are lucky you might avoid a one way ticket to eternal damnation.


A portrait of the General Aussaresses to illustrate an interview made by my friend Gregory published by Vice France.

The Candy Clash EP